Daiquiri, Melinda and Toaster


Listen here to Melinda's interview with Antrese Woods. We discuss surviving criticism and staying positive; participating in Open Studios; self-doubt and showing up; and the importance for many artists of finding a mentor or supportive group of like minded artists.


I am an artist living in the heart of Silicon Valley. The signs of creativity are everywhere here. 

I love to paint and to inspire others to create. 

Thick, gooey oil paint is my medium, and my work is created by applying layers of shapes, colors, and textures of paint to the canvas over a period of days and weeks.

I have been teaching painting to students of all levels for 15 years. My goal is always to inspire students to find their own voice in their work, and to build their confidence in their creative process. This world needs more creative people and my goal is to help you find your creative potential whether you are a beginning, “returning,” or experienced artist.


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