Painting with Metaphor and Narrative
Taught by Karen Kaapcke

JUNE 9, 10, 11, 2017
10 am to 3pm
Location: Menlo Park, California
Workshop Fee $550



This intensive three-day workshop will focus our creative attention on building an oil (or mixed media) painting at the intersection of skill, memory, present/current surroundings and imagination. We will consider how to use several aspects of image-finding and image-making to create work that bridges a deeply meaningful, personal realm with the public world that will (potentially) see and consider the work.

Starting with oil, charcoal or pencil, we will begin by populating the painting surface with ideas that arise - without any judgement, aesthetic or otherwise. With each mark made, we will then begin to ask questions, to listen to the possible story, and to make aesthetic decisions at the same time. 

As painters, we have the opportunity to develop non-verbal, visual narratives that have a unique and powerful poetry. A large part of the workshop will focus on how to listen to visual ideation that is often very much in the background if seen or heard at all, and that is too frequently judged as being not worthy for various reasons. It is Karen's belief that all visual ideas that arise need to be taken seriously in order for the piece to progress.

Karen will guide each student in using figure drawing and painting skills to integrate memory, self-reference and immediate surroundings into their work. Other items may ask for inclusion - and at each juncture, we will explore the underlying reason for this. Why do you feel the need to include a chair? Is there a sense of the domestic entering into the 'narrative'? What might a bending figure that is holding herself mean? And does it relate to the rest of the painting? This way of working calls on all and various of our skills, and it promises to be quite exciting both to produce and to witness.

Model Fee may be collected at class time.

Students should have a working knowledge of their medium. Oil paint will be emphasized, however acrylic can be used. Class size is limited to 12.


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