As true dialogue grinds to a halt, I find myself oddly attracted to the image of the iconic folding chair. The chair is witness to the dialogues of time, and also to the absence of the occupant and beckons his/her return.

The figures walk together in communion*.  As the title, "Where There's Four, There's More" implies, these figures represent power in community and also in diversity. Although the figure is repetitive, each one is unique.  As I worked on the series I realized that it seems everywhere we look, people appear 'walking together." All of these figures are walking to find their place in the world and to connect with others.

The pictures are meant to feel like a memory; a burst of light from the camera's flash powder; the faded memory of a photograph damaged from time and misuse; a blueprint's imprint of the original.

To create these paintings, I use layers of paint and wax in different values and colors. I will let some layers dry and then sketch the images. I then completely cover the sketch with the next layer. Thus begins a process of removing the new paint to retrieve the memory, which will occur many times until I 'find' the 'right' picture.

*Communion: noun. the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.  Synonym: communication.