Spring Shadows by Melinda Cootsona

Spring Shadows by Melinda Cootsona


AUGUST 1 - 31,  2019
$195 USD


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"Melinda, I wanted to thank you and the gifted artists who brought so much exuberant energy to this (eCourse) every day! I’m astonished at the depth of information you offered in this brilliantly conceived course! In viewing it again, (S L O W L Y this time), every single step along the way offers an abundance of inspirational jumping off points, and mind blowing “ways in”!!!! The demos are intoxicating (even without drinking)! Your teaching skills mirror your sensational paintings…simply beyond OTHERWORLDLY!" ~ Wendy Jaspere




  • CLASS 1: Abstraction Within The Figure

  • CLASS 2: Flattening

  • CLASS 3: Patterns • Collage

  • CLASS 4: Exaggeration • Distortion

  • CLASS 5: Cropping

  • CLASS 6: Fracture •Deconstruct •Discombobulate

In this comprehensive E-course, we begin by looking at the history of HOW WE GOT TO NOW to see where each of these Approaches may have originated in our not too distant past.

I then give you several WAYS IN to the Approach so that you can begin to see how you may use them in your own work. There are no specific Projects or assignments in this course. Instead, you will be presented with OPTIONS, or what I call WAYS IN, to how you might approach abstraction in your figurative work.

Classes include video demonstrations of me painting along with a wealth of imagery of work by artists using these Approaches. Links to interviews of relevant artists working today, slide shows, shots of painting progressions, and, of course, Pinterest Boards, are all included not only to excite your imagination, but also to give you a solid foundation of how contemporary figurative artists think and work.


The format of this course is different than my color E-courses.  This month long E-course is made up of Six Classes. Students will receive two classes at the beginning of each week for the first three weeks and the fourth week will allow time for continued work, combining the Approaches and for more comments in our Private Facebook Group. For more FAQ's please see below.


As many of you know, I give specific comments to artists participating in the Private Facebook Group. I therefore must limit the enrollment to my courses. Often these courses sell out quickly because of the smaller class sizes. Signing up earlier rather than later typically guarantees your spot in the class.


Do I have to complete the class within the dates given?

  • I will be available to help you online in the Facebook Private Group for the duration of the month specified, but you will have compete access to the course materials for ONE YEAR. Paint and play at your own pace and on your own schedule!

How does this E-course work?

  • After you register you will receive information on class materials. Then, approximately one week before the class begins, you will receive an email with:

  1. a Class Link

  2. a Class Password

  3. a Link to the Private Facebook Group

  • When you enter the password and sign into the E-course on day one, you will have access to the first two classes, Abstraction within the Figure and Flattening. You may watch the videos and work on the Approaches at your own pace and on your own schedule.

  • The next week (7 days later) two more classes will be added to the E-course and, again, another two classes 7 days after that. By the beginning of the third week you will have six classes to work with.

  • The fourth week is for you to continue to work with and combine the Approaches, and continue to post on the Facebook Group if so inclined. The course is content rich and you will have plenty to be thinking about.

  • You have access to the course for ONE YEAR from the start date.

How do I ask you questions?

  • You post your questions and upload photos of your work on the Facebook group page. I check the page several times a day and will answer them promptly. Keep in mind, there may be a time zone difference. (I do need to sleep.) I'm on California Time.

Do I have to use Facebook?

  • No, Facebook is not a requirement. However if you want feedback from me you will need to join the Facebook Private Group. In this group no other people will see your posts other than the students in this course and me. Your involvement in the group is completely up to you. Some people join the group and do not post, but just read and learn from others, while other students are more active.

How much painting experience do I need?

  • You should have some experience using either Oil, Acrylic or water based paint. This class does not teach you how to use Oil or Acrylic paint.

How much drawing experience do I need?

  • You may want some drawing experience for this class. I do NOT teach you HOW to draw a figure in this course. You certainly do not need to be an expert or even draw the figure very accurately, but this class assumes that you have some figure drawing experience.

What are the computer requirements?

  • You will need high speed internet access to watch the videos in the class. You may access the class from your computer, tablet or smart-phone, although a larger screen is most likely more desirable. You will need to know how to upload photos to Facebook, but that is really easy! Promise!!

What are the Materials?

  • A general materials list is HERE.

More Questions?

  • Shoot me an email HERE