"Melinda, This was the first online course I've ever taken. Enjoyed it so much and am looking forward to seeing what you will be offering next." ~ Shirley Patxot

"I've learned so much from this class, Melinda. In your lessons, you've taken a challenging subject, wrapped it in clear, focused text and video demos. You've also added warmth, humor, and a rich variety of visual examples. Your knowledge of painting and of technology, and your generosity and hard work, have all been major pieces in the success of this class. THANK YOU, MELINDA!" ~ Elaine McCreight




MAY 1 - 31, 2019
$150 USD     

OWN YOUR COLORS PART TWO takes you further down the road of color theory. Once again, loaded with content and Projects for you to play with, this course provides inspiration and sparks creativity to get you looking at color in new ways. We also look at the relativity of color and why it can be so darned confusing. If you've been 'color-confused' in the past, find out why!  Join me on this fun and winding road looking at the following concepts:






As I demonstrate the color Projects, I also talk about my approaches to painting and various techniques that I use in my own work. I encourage everyone to focus on subject matter that interests them: Abstract, Still Life, Landscape Figurative, etc, are ALL welcome! This class is for painters who have some experience using their mediums. My focus is on oil and acrylic paint.

You do not need to take Own Your Colors Part One to participate in Part Two.


This E-course is made up of five classes.  Classes have slide-shows, video demonstrations, inspirational photos and links, and engaging Projects (assignments) that can be created in different and multiple ways depending on your skill level.  All content is available on one page on the first day of the E-course for you to study at your own pace and in your own time zone. You will have access to a Private Facebook Group including me and your co-students participating in the class who will make up a supportive and welcoming environment. I participate actively in this Group for the month specified, giving comments and feedback on your work. You have access to the course material for ONE YEAR from the start of the E-course. All videos are downloadable. For all the details and FAQ's see below.


As many of you know, I give specific comments to artists participating in the Private Facebook Group. I therefore must limit the enrollment to my courses. Often these courses sell out quickly because of the smaller class sizes. Signing up earlier rather than later typically guarantees your spot in the class.


Do I have to complete the E-course within the dates given?

  • I will be available to help you online in the Facebook Private Group for the duration of the month each course is offered, but you will have compete access to the course materials for ONE YEAR. Videos are downloadable. Paint and play at your own pace and on your own schedule!

How do your E-courses work?

  • After you register you will receive a confirmation email. Then, about a week before the class begins, you will receive an email with:

  1. a Class Link

  2. a Class Password

  3. a Link to the Private Facebook Group

  • As described in each individual class, you will have one of the following formats:

  1. The E-course will be delivered to you all at once on the first day.

  2. The E-course will be delivered to you over the course of the month.

  • You have access to the course for ONE YEAR from the start date.

How do I ask you questions?

  • You post your questions and upload photos of your work on the Private Facebook Group page. I check the page several times a day and will answer them promptly. Keep in mind, there may be a time zone difference. (I do need to sleep.) I'm on California Time.

Do I have to use Facebook?

  • No, Facebook is not a requirement. However if you want feedback from me you will need to join the Facebook Private Group. In this group no other people will see your posts other than the students in this course and me. Your involvement in the group is completely up to you. Some people join the group and do not post, but just read and learn from others, while other students are more active.

How much painting experience do I need?

  • You should have some experience using either Oil, Acrylic or water based paint. This class does not teach you how to use Oil or Acrylic paint.

What are the computer requirements?

  • You will need high speed internet access to watch the videos in the class. You may access the class from your computer, tablet or smart-phone, although a larger screen is most likely more desirable. You will need to know how to upload photos to Facebook, but that is really easy! Promise!!

What are the Materials?

  • A general materials list is HERE.

More Questions?

  • Shoot me an email HERE