Nothin' Like Shoppin'

Don’tcha just love getting new art catalogues in the mail? Good solid lunch time reading.  This whole blog is going to sound like a plug for Jerry’s Artarama so forgive me, it’s just that they have some really exciting new stuff. I’m sure you can find many of these items at other stores as well, I just happened to see them first in the current Jerry’s catalogue  (Back 2 School Sale on the cover).

Arches Oil Paper: This is a totally new product by the venerable company who has been making superior watercolor paper for decades. A paper that can take oil paint. It comes in sheets, pads and rolls and is definitely “in my cart!” I can’t wait to try it!

Jewel Plein Air Bristle Brushes at 19 3/4 long! It’s not the brush, but the length that makes it unique. Stand back from your painting! I’d love to get this product in every student’s hand.

Ampersand Cradled Panel FULLY PRIMED TOP AND SIDES: These panels are awesome, but have never been primed on the sides before. You either had to tape them off to protect them from paint, or prime them yourself, or somehow varnish them. Now these cradled  panels are “good to go” right out of the package. AND Jerry’s current price on them is excellent. Time to stock up!!

Several Studio Storage Items: The following may not all be new, but the pricing on them seems more reasonable than usual.

Creative Mark Space Station: A rolling cart with eight drawers. Pretty Handy  $89.99

Creative Mark Space Rover: A rolling Canvas holder for small to medium canvases, and it has two levels so you can “stack” canvases and double your space. This one ain’t cheap: $389.99, but it would hold a lot and save space.

Dryden Art & Canvas Keeper: This one IS NEW! Very cool and reasonable in my book. Store 12 Gallery style canvases or 24 traditional canvases on this floor rack on wheels. $119.99 for what seems like a very nice, space efficient organizer.

I have no affiliation with Jerry’s but I just had to announce that Oil paper and Ampersand’s new panels. The paper alone could change the way some artists work.

Happy Creating!